Monday 2 May 2016

Wedding bells

Good evening all, 

Hope you all had a nice weekend! Here in greece it was Orthodox easter so it was a busy weekend. 
All has passed now and now it's the wait until summer.....but the weather has been amazing 
already the last month. So it is time for a lot of baptisms and marriages....

I have made a wedding card for this sketch challenge at Scrapafrica. 
This is my card:

Simple but elegant. I am in the proces of cleaning my craft room. It's a room i share with my husband so i have to keep it nice and tidy (which never happens) 
So i am using all my old papers, this one i used is from websterspages.

This is the sketch for this week:


 I hope you will play along and i wish you all a nice week, 



  1. This is soooo pretty - love the lace tucked in there:):)

  2. GREAT WORK with such beautiful colors. Come join us again. We have some great prizes and some fun challenges. Love you see you again.

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Thank you all for passing by and leaving some love.