Wednesday 28 March 2012

Songs of the Frog....

Good evening all, 

In between wedding planning ( not me! married already) , layouts, cards and baptisms i also have custom orders. And i wanted to share some with you today 1 mirror and 2 boxes. I sold a lot before Christmas and my friend wanted some more for herself and her son so here they are:

As per my friend he is in to frogs so that's what i had in my mind. Yes it is very froggy!
Did you know that:

For some species of frogs, only the males sing. Other types of frogs appear to have both male and female calls.
Large frogs have DEEP voices, meaning they call at a low frequency.
Small frogs sing in high chirps, meaning they call at a high frequency.
Cold frogs repeat their calls at a slower rate because the muscles controlling the sounds slow down!
Why do frogs sing?'s actually for a variety of reasons! 
Sometimes, frogs sing when they are trying to attract a mate. "HEY! Baby!"
Sometimes, frogs sing to mark their territory. "This is MY Lilypad!"
Sometimes, frogs sing becasue they know the weather is going to change. "Rain!!!"
Sometimes, frogs squeek when they are frightened or hurt. "Ouch! Eek!"

For my friend i made this jewelry box: 

I painted the lady with gesso and put some sort of tule over it,( i am using this for the wedding favors that i am  making and i had a piece left) and it turned out quite nicely. I stamped the corset and over it i put some glossy paint and also over the wings. 

I was quite happy with the result of this box!! Well this is it for me for tonight, have a great evening and thanks for stopping by!


Tuesday 20 March 2012

"Sweet" FD sketch tuesday

Good morning all, 

It's time for a new sketch at Frosted designs.  
Pass by the site to check what the DT team has made up for your inspiration.
Here is my take on the sketch for this week:

Roses are red, 
Violets are blue, 
Sugar is SWEET, 
and so are you

I choose for a lot of cutting , punching and sewing this time. 
It became a very romantic and sweet layout. 

A close up of a rose made from sheer ribbon.

I used the same technique and embellishments on both circles.

This is the sketch:

So get started and load your layouts on Frosted designs.

Thanks for stopping by and good luck!

Saturday 17 March 2012


Good morning all, 

All enjoying your weekends i hope? As you all have seen i have been hooked up on making layouts lately. Sometimes inspiration comes instantly and sometimes it takes a while. Well i changed this layout for CSI#10 about 10 times, i was just not feeling it. Everybody has those days sometimes right?  
This was my take for this week:

It is a picture of one of my best friends and my "Muse"her son. For sure you will recognize him, i have used his pictures for so many of my layouts. I thought it was a beautiful picture of the both of them and it fit well with the journaling part for this weeks challenge.  

Evidence used: Metal ( the key, and this broke because i was trying to bend it straight but i glued it back together.) Fabric ( the leaves) and creating light and shadow. That is the reason why i added the chandelier and added a stamp of a chandelier as a shadow. Hope this makes any sence? 

I layered the flowers with the leaves. 

The journaling part is above the stitching as a border :

Motherhood is born together with your child, from the first look and first touch .
This connection grows faster like nothing before.
Some things you learn but most of it comes from within. 
Along the way you learn and maybe even make some mistakes. 
A woman turning in to a mother is something magical and 
something new…..just like love for a child. 

Have a great weekend and thank you for stopping by, 

Thursday 15 March 2012

Scrap your crap! March challenge

Good morning all, 

Today is the day for my first layout for Scrap Your Crap!

The challenge for this month is to make a LO or card using MASKING/TAPE? 

Honestly, tape is something that i hardly use on any of my layouts, there for i had to search in my stash to see if i had some. But i found this big role! 

I used it as a border, i stuck it to some scrap paper and punched the little flowers and for the little flags next to the picture. And as you can see the mask is behind the picture. 

 Such a pretty little girl! And the tape fits perfectly with her outfit.

So hop over to Scrap your crap to upload your link in the comment section. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Monday 12 March 2012


Good morning all, 

Hope everyone had a nice weekend? Well a new week has started and today i will share a post for my new fellow DT designer Bellaidea. She is celebrating her 1st blog birthday and she is celebrating it with a challenge and some candy!!!

This is my take on her challenge:

This is what you need to do for this challenge:

I was thinking about it how to organize my first blog Birthday.
I would love to meet you all for coffee!
I know scrapbooking is the most common thing for us so I will run The Candy Challenge!
You can of course mix it with any other challenges and  competition , the important thing is you have to;
1. use the photo as an inspiration /colors, trees, forms, "open gate" etc/
2. add in your post information about my challenge plus photo with a link to this post 
3. make a comment on this post with a link to your layout/card etc
We have time till 27th of March!
Of course we will have a Candy, even two, I will post a photo soon, waiting for some new stuff!

Please let me know if you plan to take a part in this challenge?

I used the open gate for my layout.I finally used rose petals to make the flowers below, i have had them for a while and never knew what to do with them. But with some research on the internet there is a lot of beautiful things you can make. So you will most likely see a few more in my layouts. 

Definition of adore:

a·dore  (-dôr-dr)
v. a·doreda·dor·inga·dores
1. To worship as God or a god.
2. To regard with deep, often rapturous love. See Synonyms at revere1.
3. To like very much: adores mink coats.
To worship.

So hop over to Bellaideascrapology and play along. 
Agnieska i hope you like it? 

Thank you for stopping by and have a great week!

Saturday 10 March 2012

One of a kind

Good evening all, 

Hope everybody is enjoying there weekend! The weather outside is horrible here tonight and i am in my pj's behind my computer passing by all your beautiful blogs. Today i am showing you a layout i made for this weeks CSI#9. Once again i have used a picture of my secret little boyfriend, his mother has sent me plenty of beautiful pictures so i can make lots and lots of layouts. 

Evidence used: Text pattern, hot air balloon accent, bird accent, stripped pattern

Last week we went to a flea market and i bought a random old book, which was perfect for this challenge and i used it to make the flowers and around the picture as a border. 

Some close ups of the flowers and the little bike against the fence holding the hot air balloon. 

As a journaling jump-off point you could use the song of bette midler "wind beneath my wings. 
In the little scroll underneath the blue rose border i have hidden my journaling:

Dear little Roan, 

For your mother you are her hero, growing up to 
become the man she will be proud of. 
She will guide you through life like no one else 
will and together you are strong. 
You are the wind beneath her wings!
And that's why you are one of a kind. 

Well ladies, this is it for me this weekend! Thank you all for stopping by, 
have a great evening and enjoy your sunday!


Tuesday 6 March 2012

"Laundry time" FD sketch tuesday

Good morning all,

It's time for a my first sketch at Frosted designs and this is my take on the sketch:

The circle behind the pictures is stamped, and i put some dots of gold perlen-pen to lift it up a little bit because the ink i used was very light. 

I picked some random color flowers, I have had the for years and i had never used them before. 
The white embellishment on the side is handmade by my mother.

I colored the little gems with copic markers, check out this tutorial from erin reed. 

Well this is the sketch, 

Make sure to pass by Frosted designs to link your layout!!
Good luck, and thanks for stopping by, 

Sunday 4 March 2012


Good Morning all, 

Finally all should be ok with our internet now, we had some problems for a few days and it was off and on. It makes you realize how much you depend on the internet.  So now for the exciting news, from April 1st i will be part of the Berry 71 blue design team!! I will have the opportunity to work with a lot of talented ladies and we are guided by the talented Marivic Clifton. Have a look at her beautiful vintage inspired tags in her etsy shop.  I have added some pictures below so you will have an idea:

Gorgeous right? Also this month Marivic is the main sponsor for Once upon a sketch!
So have a look and play along!

As some of you ladies have noticed i am on roll with the different design teams. 
I am very honored to have been chosen by all these wonderful blogs and i love that all of the design teams are different. So make sure that you follow my blog to keep on track of all the new challenges
 that you all can play with. 

Have a good weekend and thanks for stopping by!!

Friday 2 March 2012

Queen of crap!!

Good afternoon, 

I have been so busy for the last few weeks, i am really sorry for not posting anything new.  But i found a little bit of time today to announce that i am in another design team. This time it's for Scrap your crap!

This blog has monthly challenges and main thing is to use stash that you already have in your collection. I know all you ladies have a lot of embellishments, ribbons, papers this is the blog to use it. 

Challenges come out on the 15th of every month! So have a look and come and play with all your crap. 

Have a good day, 

PS: Pass by tomorrow for another big announcement!!