Saturday, 10 March 2012

One of a kind

Good evening all, 

Hope everybody is enjoying there weekend! The weather outside is horrible here tonight and i am in my pj's behind my computer passing by all your beautiful blogs. Today i am showing you a layout i made for this weeks CSI#9. Once again i have used a picture of my secret little boyfriend, his mother has sent me plenty of beautiful pictures so i can make lots and lots of layouts. 

Evidence used: Text pattern, hot air balloon accent, bird accent, stripped pattern

Last week we went to a flea market and i bought a random old book, which was perfect for this challenge and i used it to make the flowers and around the picture as a border. 

Some close ups of the flowers and the little bike against the fence holding the hot air balloon. 

As a journaling jump-off point you could use the song of bette midler "wind beneath my wings. 
In the little scroll underneath the blue rose border i have hidden my journaling:

Dear little Roan, 

For your mother you are her hero, growing up to 
become the man she will be proud of. 
She will guide you through life like no one else 
will and together you are strong. 
You are the wind beneath her wings!
And that's why you are one of a kind. 

Well ladies, this is it for me this weekend! Thank you all for stopping by, 
have a great evening and enjoy your sunday!



  1. Hi Channa,

    Het is weer een prachtige LO geworden en Roan is een schatje. Grt. aan Makis en de familie

    T. Carla

  2. What a cute baby boy! Not yours I gather!! Yes I have a whole basket of old books I keep for my pages too - great job Channa!!!

  3. So adorable Channa.. LOVE your handmade flowers!! :))

  4. Just Perfert!!!!Τέλειο!!!!

  5. oh, that's amazing!!!love the details!!!

  6. Gosh Channa, this is soooo cute!

  7. Soooo pretty and the baby is so so cute, more gorgeous work from you.



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