Wednesday 28 March 2012

Songs of the Frog....

Good evening all, 

In between wedding planning ( not me! married already) , layouts, cards and baptisms i also have custom orders. And i wanted to share some with you today 1 mirror and 2 boxes. I sold a lot before Christmas and my friend wanted some more for herself and her son so here they are:

As per my friend he is in to frogs so that's what i had in my mind. Yes it is very froggy!
Did you know that:

For some species of frogs, only the males sing. Other types of frogs appear to have both male and female calls.
Large frogs have DEEP voices, meaning they call at a low frequency.
Small frogs sing in high chirps, meaning they call at a high frequency.
Cold frogs repeat their calls at a slower rate because the muscles controlling the sounds slow down!
Why do frogs sing?'s actually for a variety of reasons! 
Sometimes, frogs sing when they are trying to attract a mate. "HEY! Baby!"
Sometimes, frogs sing to mark their territory. "This is MY Lilypad!"
Sometimes, frogs sing becasue they know the weather is going to change. "Rain!!!"
Sometimes, frogs squeek when they are frightened or hurt. "Ouch! Eek!"

For my friend i made this jewelry box: 

I painted the lady with gesso and put some sort of tule over it,( i am using this for the wedding favors that i am  making and i had a piece left) and it turned out quite nicely. I stamped the corset and over it i put some glossy paint and also over the wings. 

I was quite happy with the result of this box!! Well this is it for me for tonight, have a great evening and thanks for stopping by!



  1. Hi Channa,
    Ik ben kikkergroen jaloers op je mooie doos en spiegel. Het sieradendoosje vind ik grandioos.
    Grt. T.Carla

  2. Wow Channa you have done so wonderfully with these projects - very impressed!!! Just love your last box especially - wowwwww!! Sure your friend will be absolutely delighted with it - it has turned out STUNNING!!

  3. Mooie projecten weer meisje vooral de onderste doos vind ik mooi.


  4. Wow! What fabulous creations!!!!! My favorite is the last box....simply stunning!

  5. Oh Channa..This is gorgeous!! I love the box..Amazing work.

  6. Hoi Channa,

    Eindelijk weer iets van mij. Je heb het weer prachtig voor elkaar. Mooie kleuren voor de zomer (1e-2e doos. De spiegel pas er mooi bij.

    (lang geen reactie, google-account steeds weg .

  7. Wow!!! Channa, these are gorgeous projects!!!! Love them!


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