Saturday, 17 March 2012


Good morning all, 

All enjoying your weekends i hope? As you all have seen i have been hooked up on making layouts lately. Sometimes inspiration comes instantly and sometimes it takes a while. Well i changed this layout for CSI#10 about 10 times, i was just not feeling it. Everybody has those days sometimes right?  
This was my take for this week:

It is a picture of one of my best friends and my "Muse"her son. For sure you will recognize him, i have used his pictures for so many of my layouts. I thought it was a beautiful picture of the both of them and it fit well with the journaling part for this weeks challenge.  

Evidence used: Metal ( the key, and this broke because i was trying to bend it straight but i glued it back together.) Fabric ( the leaves) and creating light and shadow. That is the reason why i added the chandelier and added a stamp of a chandelier as a shadow. Hope this makes any sence? 

I layered the flowers with the leaves. 

The journaling part is above the stitching as a border :

Motherhood is born together with your child, from the first look and first touch .
This connection grows faster like nothing before.
Some things you learn but most of it comes from within. 
Along the way you learn and maybe even make some mistakes. 
A woman turning in to a mother is something magical and 
something new…..just like love for a child. 

Have a great weekend and thank you for stopping by, 


  1. so pretty! love the chandelier!

  2. Beautiful lay out lovely picture from mother and son.


  3. Beautiful page Channa.. love the cluster and the sweet chandelier chippie!! What a gorgeous pic too! :))

  4. It's sweet! Love it! It is funny to hear that you spent a bit trying to get mojo with this page because it looks effortless! ;-)

  5. fabulous layout! love the stamped chandelier next to the chipboard one!!

  6. πολυ ομορφη σελιδα!!τρυφερη φωτογραφια και ωραια χρωματα!καλη επιτυχια!

  7. Channa,

    I love this page! The chipboard looks incredible!

  8. Love your layouts Channa, and this is no exception. All the details you have used are amazing!


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