Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Mirror mirror on the wall.......

Good afternoon, 

November is here.........where does the time go. It's been a busy month at get creative with our challenges, over 13 challenges with a great response. I just opened my new shop and it took some time to up load all my different crafts.  But all worthwhile because the response has been great. Today i will show you some items in my store........mirrors. Everybody knows the mirrors from Ikea and a lot can be done with them. 

Mirror, mirror on the wall.......

This "bird cage"mirror is decorated with fabric, lace around the edges, ribbon around the mirror and a lot of embellishment. 

These two mirrors above are decoupaged with a napkin, lace around the edges and decorated with several embellishments.  And the black lace one is sold!

This mirror is for the holiday season, decorated with scrapbook paper of webster's pages and with lace around the edges. The poinsettia and christmas trees are die cuts. A nice decoration for christmas. 

Well this is it for me today, i need to make some cards ASAP. 
have a good day!


  1. Hi Channa clever you ! what great make overs with these mirrors all of them arε just gorgeous. Good luck with your shop too.


  2. Πολύ όμορφα είναι όλα, το Χριστουγεννιάτικο όμως το καλύτερο!!!

  3. Απίθανοι καθρέπτες!! φιλάκια και καλό μήνα!!!

  4. Very nice mirrors Channa! The last one looks stunning! Good luck with the shop! See you tomorrow!

  5. Hi Channa! We had a great time at the crop and I just LOOOVED your layout!!! You do an amazing job!!! Good luck with your shop!!!

  6. Channa they are all amazing!!!!
    Great work!

  7. αχ,εγω τωρα το ειδα αυτο!!!ολοι οι καθρεφτες ειναι υπεροχοι αλλα ο πρωτο μου αρεσε πολυυυ!!!εισαι πολυ ταλαντουχα!!

  8. Hi Channa .. I am delighted that played with you and physicist who won .. I'm very happy that through my work and challenge you, meet you and get to know .. then good .. .. many kisses

  9. These are very pretty. What a good way to use these little mirrors. Good luck with your new shop.
    Vicki x

  10. Τι όμορφα όλα τα καθρεφτάκια!
    Μπράβο Channa! Γεια στα χέρια σου!


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