Friday, 15 June 2012

SYC Embossing Challenge!

Good morning, 

This will be my first post for today! Another one will follow.
 I don't like to do this but there was no other way. 

I will share with you today a new challenge at Scrap your crap.

EMBOSSING! wet, dry, with pick.

This was my take:

I chose for wet and dry embossing. For the blue parts of this card i used a cuttlebug folder, and for the white butterfly i used wet embossing. I have to say that i am not a big fan of wet embossing because i always manage to ruin it. 

A lot of items used on this card are from my own shop. 

The stickpin - handmade from pearl beads and swarovski crystals.

And a little bird has told me that this same stickpin in another color is used in a project and will be shown later on today!!!

Click below if you are curious 

The Lace flower with a rhine stone center.

And the light blue half pearl and the little key.

So come over to Scrap Your Crap and show us your projects!!

Thanks for stopping by and see you later, 


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  1. Spotted this last night on my reader and fell in love. Knew it would arrive in my inbox at some point for me to really eye ball up. LOVE those colors, great job!!!! I sent you a couple of e-mails today!!!


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