Friday, 14 September 2012

Frosted designs: journal cards

Good morning all, 

Hope everybody is enjoying their Friday, TGI right? the weekend is only a few hours away. 

Today's challenge for Frosted designs is : Journal cards!

I kept my layout very CAS ( clean and simple ) nothing like me at all, but to give more attention to the Journal Cards, i wanted to keep it this way.

I have put all pictures on different journal cards.

The little lady in the picture is my little friend Ava- Sophia. Although she is almost 4 years old, we have quit a history together. This child is something else, one time she is really sweet and from one to another we are each others biggest enemies. Let's say we have a love - hate relationship. 

We have our shopping routine, every time i meet up with her mother we are going to the mall, or the center and we try out every accessory you can find. Hat, masks, glasses anything.

So i have collected some pictures. The top and bottom picture are made with my phone so they are not very clear. But for the middle picture i had my camera with me. 
2 nerds in a store right?

 I found these feathers in my stash, and it matches the masks that we are trying on below. 

But for the first time ever she touched me very much!
We were shopping around, but i had to take out my car from the parking because we were going to another store. In panic, ava asks here mother " where is channa? " her mother answered she will meet us in the other store. Ah ok says ava, you know what mommy, i really love Channa. 

hahaha sweet right?

Thanks for stopping by and upload your project at Frosted designs. 

Have a good weekend!


  1. Ahhhh....she sounds like such a sweet 4 year old! :) Love the feathers on your cool layout! :)

  2. leuk zeg wat is ze toch al groot geworden heel leuke foto's trouwens.

  3. These pictures are soooo fun! It looks like you are having a great time with your little buddy! Love the way you added the feathers!

    Barb :)


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