Sunday, 2 March 2014

Doodle.... doodle and again doodle

Good evening, 

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend! 
It's the last day to upload my entries for the Supreme Scrap and Card tournament. 

The challenge for this week was doodling. And oh my was this a challenge for me, totally out of my way. 
But i tried...........and tried.......and tried..........and this is the ending result:

For the scrapbook tournament:

I think i have ruined about 6 white cardstock pages, it was just not working out for me. 
I used 4 of the same pictures, just in different sizes. 

I sprayed the background with some teal ink, and after added a brick wall with some modeling paste. 
On the bricks i started to add some doodling, and all my journaling is on the edges of the pages. 
On the left and bottom i added water in different languages and on the right and top side my journaling. 

This picture was taken in 2011, on the island of Kefalonia infront of the Church of Saint Gerasimos. 
The island has been struck by several earth quakes a few weeks ago and it is very sad to see the news.
Beaches have been swept away and the houses of people are for some too dangerous to live in. 

And for the card tournament:

Same challenge for the cards, all doodling!

"love is in the air" is doodles straight on the card (one of the requirements)
this time we were allowed to use cutting machines so i cut a center and added a layer on top, where i doodles all the clouds. The butterflies come from a punch  and i also added some doodling on them. 

Thank you all for passing by!! 
I wish you a good sunday, we have a long weekend here in Greece. 
So we have another extra day. 



  1. Gee whizz...good on you still being in BOTH rounds.....this must've been a HUGE feat this week...I found it hard enough just with the card!!!! They both look absolutely fabulous & that brick doodle work is STUNNING:):)

  2. Good job! Love the doodles! I can imagine that was quite the challenge!

  3. Channa you did amazing on both of these. That was a lot of work. I think you nailed it... Loved both of these. Good luck and I hope you go to the next round. You rocked this.


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