Wednesday, 11 May 2011


It's been a while that i have posted something on my blog. Sorry! 
But i have not stopped crafting, in between easter, family visiting, and a baptism order  i found the time to make a lot of cards but did not have the time to post them on my blog.
 Not to worry, i will share my crafts........ 
I decided to open a shop and i am working on a lot of things at the moment. 
I think most of you agree that a lot of crafts stay at home and stack up so check out my shop and spread the word : crafts and pieces

Below i have posted some cards that i have made over the last few weeks. 

I wish you a nice day and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Beautiful cards,Channa!!!
    All your cards are wonderful in your shop!Good luck with your sales!

  2. Όλες οι κάρτες σου είναι απίθανες!!!

  3. These are the cards I love. Beautiful stamps and use of color. It's vintage in a modern style. Clean lines and fancy borders
    Good luck with your shop. ( no problems your cards are creative and lovely)
    XOXO T.Carla

  4. Channa gorgeous cards!!!!!!!!!!!!
    good luck with your new venture!!

  5. These are the cards I love! Clean lines with fancy borders and beautiful stamps. ( Kind of modern vintage.) Love your use of color. Channa, succes with your shop ( lots of sales quaranteed , because you make beautiful cards and crafts ).
    XOXO T. Carla

  6. Channa good luck with your new venture hope you sell them all .Love your cards so individual and perfectly crafted.


  7. Gorgeous work! Love the soft blue paper, your cards are beautiful and elegant, thanks for sharing!


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