Wednesday 8 June 2011

Family and friends...........

This month i will dedicate to family and friends. Over the last few months we had a lot of visitors coming over to Athens to come and see us. Always nice to have familiar faces around the house.

My first lay out this month is from my grand parents. Unfortunately my grandma is unable to come over, just because she is too old. This year she will be 93 years old! My grand father past away many years ago. But the little girl in the middle is my mother.  

Above you can see some close ups from the lay out. 
The border around the picture and the flowers are made with a coffee filter, some lace on the
 right hand side and a doily. 

A lot more lay outs will come this month and stay tuned for Friday because
 i will have a blog candy ( x 2) to give away.

 Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day!



  1. I love the coffee filter border, what a brilliant idea!!!
    Such a nice layout!
    I hope you get to see your family and your grandmother more often :-)

  2. so sweet! love the style and the layering!!

  3. Brilliant layout Channa ... such a precious photo!!!

  4. Υπέροχη σύνθεση!!!και τα λουλουδάκια από φίλτρα καφέ έξυπνη ιδέα!!!μπράβο σου!!

  5. You're lay-out,choice of paper and colors are beautiful.The coffeefilter flowers i've learned at your mother's workshop. But making a border with the filters is new for me. Keep on creating!
    XOXO T.Carla


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