Thursday 9 June 2011

My friend Kim

In March of this year my friend Kim came to visit us. First time in Athens! She wanted a break from her daily routine and we gave it to her. So we went sight seeing, acropolis, shopping in Ermou, Sounio, we went out to see Panagiotis Tsakalakos etc.... Kim used to be my room mate on the ship and the reason that i am with makis today. We had a great time on the ships together and kim always been a great friend to us.She is now married ( also with her "ship"boyfriend) 
and has a beautiful daughter larissa. 

Kim and me on formal night

I made a layout from us when we were in sounio pretending to be  strong warriors protecting the
 tempel of poseidon. Obviously we did not get very far. 

I decided for this lay out to keep the colors in a greek style, with blue and white like the greek flag. I used blue card stock and stamped with my new "lace"stamps with white. Behind the foto's i used a blue paper of maja design and on the bottom of the picture i used blue lace with blue flowers. 

Here in the close up pictures you can see the lace stamps. Sorry about the pictures it doesn't 
show very well??

All and all we had a great time and it was nice to have kim with us. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice day!



  1. Channa what a beautiful layout!!! Friends are such a lovely thing!!!!

  2. Hi Channa . What a lovely story about you and your friend. Your layout is just gorgeous great photographs and love the blue.


  3. Love you made me cry....


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