Saturday 22 October 2011

Autumn friend's corner

Good afternoon everybody, 

Long time, no hear from me??? I can explain, i have been in holland for more than two weeks. Visiting family and friends, and my main reason for always going in October is my Grandma's birthday. She turned 93 years old this year! Yes, 93!!! wow!! Right? during my stay i was also a craft factory. Before i left i signed up for a stand at the Autumn bazaar at the Friends corner in glyfada, greece. The bazaar is tomorrow from 10am - 3pm. Believe it or not, but i sold all my cards a few days before i signed up. aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, stress. So i managed to make 70 different cards, for x-mas, birthday's etc etc and many many more things. So i will give you a preview now, if you are in greece and you are up for it, come and visit the bazaar. They have a lot of activities for children, while parents can walk around. 

This is a pimped up box!

and this is a tea box

As i said this is just a preview... i made many more things and i will post it this week.

I have to go because i need to cook for a lot of people tonight. My husband had his nameday this week and he is celebrating it tonight. ( lucky me!!!)

Have a good evening, hope to see you tomorrow if you are in greece!!



  1. Het is heel mooi geworden ben benieuwd naar je andere projecten.

    liefs mam

  2. Wooow Channa!!! It is gorgeous!!!! Love it!!!!

  3. Hi Channa,
    Ze zijn mooi geworden, ik ben benieuwd naar de rest.
    Grt. T.Carla

  4. Hoi Channa,

    Wat heb je het doosje mooi op gepimpt, prachtig.
    En die kinderen voor het kraampje, heb je daar stempel van? Mooi design papier.

  5. Channa sounds like you have been so busy !!! This box is beautiful just love it.



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