Monday, 16 January 2012

Cutie! TCR#93

Good afternoon, 

I hope everybody is warm and happy because it's so cold today. I signed up for the color room today as i want to make some more layouts but it always takes me some time to get my inspiration for layouts. And i thought the color room would be a good start. 

Even with the palette it was still hard to make my layout. But i think i tried good enough and it turned out ok. I think i will have some issues with finding the right colors. 

It's  a picture of my husband in his younger years. As i was playing along i did not like how i made the center part because i was masking with perfect pearls and mist but the color did not show. So i decided to go over it with distress ink and it showed a little bit better. 

On this picture it's better to see how i tried to mask it. The flowers i found in a box and are handmade by my mother, during one of her stays here in athens. 

I had finished the layout but i thought something was still missing and i added the birdcage and butterfly. 

Here is just a close up so you can see how cute he was?? So young and innocent.... 

Just another close up from the other side, i always envy beautiful pictures of layouts when i browse through the internet and that's why i am experimenting with my little camera to make nicer pictures. 

Thanks for dropping by and have a nice evening, 



  1. Dat is ook toevallig dat we tegelijk onze foto's hebben latten zien op de blog leuke foto van kleine Makis.

  2. OOH Channa what a beauty ! Love this , such a pretty layout, the torn paper adds lots of lovely texture. The flowers are just beautiful and the colors and the photo are fabulous.


  3. This is lovely, think you did great with getting the right colors!

  4. More than OK its a lovely layout!!!!!! love the lace flowers!!!


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