Saturday, 16 June 2012

Frosted design Crafting space blog hop!

Hello ladies, 

And welcome to the Frosted Design Crafting Space Blog Hop!!

Today we are showing off all our Crafting Spaces! I believe all us ladies share the same situations in our rooms. Most of the time everything is everywhere and you can never find something when you need it. Along the way you will see some gorgeous craft rooms and we will give you some storage tips! I honestly can say that i clean up after every project, reason being that i can not concentrate if i have too much stuff around me, while i am working. I have a small room so it's easily filled.

So here is my Room:

As you can see, lots and lots of boxes........
I just finished an baptism invitation order all the bottles are stacked on my desk for delivery. More information on that project in July! But my desk is still clean right?

I like to keep my embellishments, ribbons, flower etc.... in see trough boxes or vases. Just so i know what i have and where i have it. First i always put them in closed boxes, but i could never find anything. The drawers below are stuffed..... and you do not want to open me!

My tip for you, this is how i keep my ribbons in order. I cut a piece of carton and i wrap the ribbon around it. I put them in a see trough box (Ikea), in color order and i always find what i want. I have to say that it is "work in progress" as i still have so many rolls of ribbon to go

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This is the line up for the Blog hop, just in case you get lost:

1. Ann  HERE 
2. Teresa Jaye  HERE
3. Anita  HERE 
4. Lynn  HERE 
5. Lori  HERE
6. Sarah  HERE 
7. Lydia  HERE 
8. Sassy  HERE 
9. Ashley  HERE
10. Brenda  HERE 
11. Susie HERE 
12. Laurie  HERE
13. Lori M HERE   
14. Carol   HERE 
15. Channa HERE 


For the occasion i am also giving away a small prize 
from my own shop.

One Lucky Lady will receive the following items from my shop:

You only have to do 2 things:
1. Become a follower of my blog (if you are not already)
2. Let me know how you store your scrapbook pages in the comments below. 
I am making so many pages and because some of them are very bold because of the use of lots of flowers etc... i have no clue on how to store them without ruining them. So help me out? 

The Crafts & Pieces Store

Make sure that you return back on the Frosted designs blog and mine on Monday to see the price winners!!

Happy Hopping ladies, thank you for joining us and enjoy your weekend!!



  1. Wonderful space to create in, and I love how you store your ribbon!

  2. What a great space. I love how you have everything organized. It's fun to see where everyone scraps!

  3. Channa, you have a nice space, so bright and well organized, you must love to create in there :)

  4. What a great space! I love hoe you're storing your ribbon. :) I keep all of my layouts in post bound albums and it works great but I don't do many chunky pages. Msybe 3 ring binders would work for you? You can fit alot without having them pushed together and that would protect your flowers...

  5. Awesome creative space thanks for sharing!

  6. Love your cozy little room!! Great ribbon storage too :) Thanks for the tour!

  7. Oops...did not read the directions (nothing new here) but I store my scrapbook pages in D-ring binders or 12x12 plastic folders or Iris cases if I plan on taking them with me when I teach classes.

  8. What a great crafting space you have nice and organized. I like to use the 3 ring binder now myself- might be extra room for those chunky embellishments- and I can easily add a page here or there if I want to- works great for me and I have scrap over 1500 pages in the past 4 years. Happy Scrapping!

  9. Love the ribbon storing idea thx for sharing your space. I bind my pages in albums with binder rings or binditall so it dose not matter how thick they are and I put my faves in shadow boxes on the wall

  10. wow.. all my pages are in scrapbooks.. just slipped into the sheet protectors. I can be a chunky scrapper too. I have a couple pages where I couldn't put two pages in like normal.

    Love your space! great idea for ribbon.

  11. Channa,

    I have enjoyed look at your lovely room. Your tip on the ribbons is GREAT and I will be starting that when I get to that point in my organizing.

    I have learned that you should file your papers by theme - color. I have all of my card stock by color as well.

    Thank you for sharing lovely room.


  12. I love your ribbon storage........but the thought of unrolling all my ribbon might be more than I can handle. I store my scrapbook pages in a work in progress album before moving to their permanent albums. I tend to keep my scrapbook pages on the flat side and use all of my bulky embellishments on my cards. I know many people put their pages in 3-D frames on the wall or clip them on a curtain rod to show them off in their rooms! Thanks for the chance to win!

  13. You have a lovely space. thanks for sharing. I store my pages in albums when they are completed. I actually did a page with real seachells on it and so far they have not been displaced or crushed. Maybe a 3-ring binder would work better than an album for bulky pages ? Good luck with finding the solution that works best for you. Thanks for the opportunity to win this great prize !

  14. I love that you moved your storage up high when you have a small space. That might be something for me to think about.... Thanks for sharing your creative area!

  15. Thanks for sharing your space with us. I haven't added too much bulky stuff to my pages so far so I keep my finished pages in regular old post scrapbooks. Please sign me up as an email follower with this address please.
    dmcardmaker at aol dot com

  16. Thanks for sharing your room, love it! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  17. Love viewing and reading about your work area. Thank's for the tips! TFS Christina

  18. Great space, love your ribbon storage. Perhaps you could use a ring binder or get some extensions for the post binder and put wads of chipboard between the spines of your pages to give them some room or put them in a frame so you can enjoy them more often, cheers Linda

  19. You are ONE organised cookie, Channa....which is great. Afraid I can't help with storage...they just pile up in my cupboard then some get put in albums...some I leave in the pile, as I have 2 places I put them up to look at in our I keep rotating those ones! I figure what's the point in making them if you can't see & appreciate them!!!!:):):):)

  20. what a great tip, i really need to do that!
    Nice space too!

  21. Great space- has inspired me to go and tidy up my craft room! When I have bulky pages I like to use a frame (I have a big collection of new and thrifted frames just for this purpose) to display the page or project- my displays change quite often- when they're not on display on the shelf or wall, I stack them neatly and the frames help keep them rigid and protected. Xx

  22. Channa your space is great ! Way to go vertical with your storage! Thanks for sharing!

  23. Your crafty room is awesome! I love all the storage and the ribbon storage idea is awesome! I store my pages in albums, but I have to admit, I mostly store mine at my LSS because I'm on the design team for them...the problem is when they give them back...then I don't know what I'm going to do with them all! I usually just put them by my stamp thintainers...until I figure something else to do with them...or buy more albums!

  24. Great space, Channa. I store my pages in Memory Protectors from Close To My Heart (shop with me at I buy a 50-pack at a time (z4115 - $22.95), so I always have enough around. Then I put my memory protectors in a Work-in-Progress Album (z1348 - $15.95). They hold a lot. So when I'm ready to put them in a real album I can do it all at once. HTH.


  25. Your space does look small but you have done a good job with it! Thanks for sharing! I dont know what to say as far as scrapbook pages. I am wondering the same thing myself.

  26. I store my challenge pages in plastic boxes (though I think I want to get a loose leaf album for them.) Other pages I store in albums.

  27. I keep mine in albums and I only work on one year at a time.

  28. Your ribbon organization is much neater than my current way of shoving it in one of 3 drawers. I may have to rethink this!


  29. A great space! I love how clean it is! Leaves a lot of room for the imagination to run free and get creative.

    Pages are stacked on the top of my bookshelf until I am ready to put my albums together. They are out of the way, and nothing gets smushed!

  30. Love what you have done with your small scrap space and the neat idea for storing ribbon...thanks!

  31. Great space and I love how you store your ribbon! I keep my scrapbook pages in regular strap-bound albums with page protectors. Many of my pages are "chunky", but the clear protectors seem to keep everything safe. :)

  32. Thanks for sharing us your space! To store your finished pages in the albums always keep them upright so they do not smash!

  33. So neat and tidy and orderly!!! I of course would need a step ladder to reach your shelves. A great way though to store items when you are limited on space!

  34. Love your room and Expedit furniture. Lots of shelves and clear containers, loving it! I do the same as SarahStone, using the Album/Page in Progress (just got it from CTMH and it is really fabulous!). Kept in those are completed pages With photos, and completed pages Needing photos (I pre-make them a lot and plug photos in later). I USED to store my completed pages in a vertical paper holder but outgrew it quickly. Sorry this is so long...... one more tip, for your thicker & heavier & bulky pages, you could used foam tape ALL AROUND THE EDGES & cover with paper to "frame" it to protect it from getting smashed in an album.

  35. Hi, Channa, thanks for the chance to win! I just became a follower of your blog and I'm very excited because this is my first Greek blog!!! Anyway, as for storing my pages, well, I have a bunch in nice albums but the rest are in pizza boxes or piled on top of each other. My favorite albums and protectors are the We R Memory Keepers leather albums, nice and big! Hugs, Roxy.

  36. Channa I just saw the last of the blog post you made up about how to store page's and not wanting to smash them etc. I'm in the same boat as you and if you hear anything before I do about how to store them please share...I'll let you know if I run into an idea. :)

  37. I am like you... I have to have a clean space to start my Craft project! I loved your idea on storing ribbon. Right now my ribbon is shoved into jars and getting out what I need can make a mess!

    Barb :)


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