Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Frosted designs: Spotlight

Good morning all, 

Hello all, it's Channa here to share some Frosted designs inspiration today!

I made a layout using 3 similiar colors of dylusions ink, all between pink and purple. 
Dylusions ink used:
Funky Fuchsia
Crushed grape
After midnight

I sprayed each ink on the stencil very close to eachother so it looks like a rainbow effect.  Besided just spraying the ink in three others ways.
1. the rain drop effect: letting it drip  to the sides
2. splashing it on the page. 
3. using the lid of the dylusion bottle to create the little circles. 

In the close ups you can see all the different effects. 

The little lady in the pictures is Larissa, we bought here this jacket for christmas and as you can see
she was very excited to wear it the next day. 

These are the products that i used from the Frosted designs store:

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