Saturday 11 January 2014

Project life: Cover page 2014

Good evening all, 

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend! 

So this weekend i will share with you a new venture for 2014, at least for me..
Project life. I had heard of it and i know it exists already for a few years but never touched it. 
But this year i am giving in.............another world opened. In order to get some ideas and inspiration 
i joined some groups on FB and OMG it is so much fun. 
It's completely different than my scrapbook and card style because it's more of a clean cut. 
Well at least thats how i want to make my Project life albums. 

So are you ready..................

Here is my cover page for 2014:

These two pictures were taken on our holiday in November, we are actually throwing leaves in the air. 

 I took this picture in Thessaloniki ( northern, greece) because i was impressed that they had a bike lane. Which is not very common in Greece, bicycling is becoming bigger and bigger in Greece. 
Here in Athens, you have to watch out where you bike as the roads are not made for biking. Hopefully in the years to come that will change. 

So as the card says, enjoy the ride for 2014!

Thank you for stopping by and have a great weekend. 


  1. Looking forward to seeing the journey in PL :) You are off to a great start! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  2. GOOD ON YOU!!!! Another convert...& it's such FUN to've started amazingly....looking forward to seeing MUCH more:):) PS: I only do mine monthly & either 1 or 2 pages, depending what's going on....I LOVE how you can do what you want with this...& I've started popping the odd page in my scrap albums as well, when I've got lotsa photos from special events, but don't want to do like TEN pages of it with one photo:):) PL ROCKS:):)

  3. What a great PL cover Channa! Love all the photos!

  4. Looks like super fun! Haven't tried that myself, but it seems like it would be cool! Love the photos of the leaves!


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