Saturday 16 July 2011

Magnolia's for " X-Mas in July "

Good afternoon all, 

Current temperature in Athens, Greece ? Please see above as per google! Too hot and no wind. Why am i not at the beach? too crowded on a Saturday and i am not a big fan. Sorry! We still have to do the regular Saturday jobs but we might hit the swimming pool after. But i found some time to put up my magnolia's for this month. I decided to do "X-Mas in July" and i only made one card and the rest are.....boxes. All ideas are taken from a special edition "kadoosjes" ( = gift boxes in dutch) of paper & pictures. 

First my card, i made this for the weekly challenge of the official Magnolia inspiration challenge #6. But i was too late ... i forgot to enter it??

 The challenge was to make a dimensional scene.
 My scene is christmas with Tilda and a lot of gifts....

 Above is a few of my card when it is folded. 
Below is a few when the card is unfolded with the sun in the back round. 
I embossed the christmas tree and all stamps are colored with copic markers. 

Below is a few of the card side ways and you can see that it is a stair step card. 
And i took the pattern from the Magnolia challenge blog.

As i said before this is the only Magnolia card that i made for this month.......
but now i will show you my boxes. 

Mushroom box

This box looks like a mushroom, when you take of the lid you can see the box, i put some chocolates in it. Which are now melted by the sun...

Merry X-mas box

This box looks like a chewing gum box but i put a kit kat in it.

Secret box

This one looks like a card.......but when you take of tilda and open the sides it's a little secret box. 
It can be used for a "flat"gift. This box took some time because i had the dimensions wrong but eventually it worked out. 

Ok that was it for today........i am off to do our jobs and i think instead of the super market we will hide ourselves in the Cinema to see the new Harry Potter movie. The cinema will be empty and it has AC!! I know you all think i am crazy but ......... i am just not made for too much sun. 

Have a good weekend and enjoy.
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  1. I know how you feel...I can't stand the heat either!!!
    Very beautiful card and the boxes are great!!!!
    I might try to make some of these!
    thank you for the inspiration!
    Be cool!:D

  2. Wooow Channa! Your card is gorgeous and the boxes amazing!!!! Bravo!!!

  3. Channa, these are amazing!!!! I don't know what to comment first, the colouring, the boxes, the xmas scene.... Each and every one of your projects made me say a huge WOW!!!

  4. Wow! the cards and the boxes are amaaaazing! wish it was xmas already and one of them was intended for me!!!hahaha!!!
    Have a good Sunday, it's 10.00 and already 32deg. outside, pfff!too hot!...let's stay in and scrap!

  5. Wonderful card...yes I was going to enter too but it has been too hot to craft...39· today...I am like you I shall stay indoors apart from sitting in the pool now and again. Hugs xxxx

  6. wooooow!!!!!!! amazing work!!!!


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