Thursday, 7 July 2011


Good afternoon all, 

This evening i am going to a baby shower of my friend claire. She is due in 2 weeks!!She is not aware that it will be a baby shower but thinks we are all going for diner. So i had to put my head together and make a card. She has been complaining for the last 9 months that she is getting big? 
Obviously i told her that this is normal when you are pregnant, but claire used to be a professional dancer. 
So she is very conscious of her weight. I FEEL LIKE A HIPPO.................... and that was my theme. 
After being a hippo for 9 months you will have a nice surprise at the end, because when you look in your babies eyes, all the pain and suffering will be forgotten. 

It is an Easel card, which i will also put in for the magnolia Tomic #5 challenge
I kept the back round of the card baby blue, on the front part i added lace on the sides. 
The hippo and little baby are colored with ciao copic markers.

  Below you can see some details:

Besides the card i also made a new born baby basket. 
It contains towels, a bottle, a pacifier, little outfits, baby wipes, a bottle warmer, socks etc...  
All needed in the first days.......and you can never have enough of them.

The little crib is made from diapers with a towel around the bed. 

It all matches together, for the attention to detail i put a few flowers around the handle 
of the basket which are the same as i used for the card.

I hope she likes it????

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice day. 



  1. I think she will be very happy with yr gifts and with yr card, love the hippo!

  2. What a beautiful card!!!And the basket is so cute!She will love it!!!

  3. Woooow!!! Channa τι πανέμορφη κάρτα είναι αυτή?! Είναι από τις όμορφες που έχω δει για μωρά! Μπράβο σου για την έξυπνη ιδέα που είχες! Και το καλαθάκι όμως είναι άψογο! Καλό καλοκαιράκι σου εύχομαι!

  4. Channa, you have a good sense of humor, funny joyful greeting card! This is a really pretty Super cute card, love such soft colours.

  5. I am sure she will adore it what a good friend you are this is so lovely. Your card is so cute and very funny too great work.


  6. Τέλειο, τέλειο, τέλειο!!!!
    Να ζήσει ο μικρούλης!

  7. Πωπω!!!! Τι όμορφη κάρτα!!! Θα παθουν πλάκα οι παραλήπτες!!! Εγω θα ημουν πολύ ευτυχισμενη αν μου εκαναν ενα τετοιο δωρο!!!!

  8. Oh such a really sweet card.
    Thank you so much for playing along with us this week at TOMIC and hope to see you again soon :D
    Hugs Gosia S.

  9. Υπέροχο!υπέροχο!!να ζήσει ο μικρούλης!!!

  10. Very sweet card! I had to admit that you made me laugh with the hippo! Am sure she will love the basket!

  11. Your friend will LOVE it! What a super duper baby basket and a gorgeous card!
    I love what you wrote about looking in your new baby's eyes and forggeting all the pain. It really touched my heart.


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