Tuesday 23 July 2013

Tutorial Tuesday, Frosted designs.

Hello all, 

I like to make tutorials with materials that we already have in our home.
So for today i will show you how to make different background textures with items that you can find in your stash or kitchen.

For today's tutorial you need:

Sugar, Sand or Sea salt.
Gesso or modelling paste
Spray ink or paint 
A mask
A pencil.

I will show my sample with sand!

1. Take some sand, gesso and spray paint on a plate.
As you can see my sand is pink, i had it at home as i used it for some decoration. 

2. Mix them all together and this is what you get. 

3. Take your mask and add the "mix". 

4. Take of the mask and let it dry for 20 min, or you can use your heat tool to speed it up. 
If you let it dry naturally the paper does not roll up. 

5. And voilla here is a "real wall"! the sand gives a very nice effect .

Sample with sugar
It's very fine and if you use a spray to paint it will dissolve a little bit. 

Sample with sand
I personally like this one the best it gives such a nice look especially 
when using this brick stencil as it makes it look like a real wall. 

Sample with sea salt
As you can see the texture is really rough.

And this is what i my ending result: 
I used it for a background of a card. 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and try it at home!
Thank you for stopping by, 


  1. REALLY Liked this tut - love how you showed what the various textures looked like & I must say I'm in LOOOVE with your card!!!! Thanks for sharing, Channa:):):)

  2. Adorable! Love that mask and the idea behind it!

  3. Wonderful textures! Thanks for sharing!

  4. This is gorgeous Channa! Love your experimental mediums. I can't get the rough stuff here either but I mix mine with decor sand & I agree the texture is best!!


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